The Dirty Bio

Dirty Erin carved their sound from the metal mayhem of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and thru today. Their in your face guitar based attack, piled on-top of a thunderous foundation of bass and drums, combined with melodic vocals reminiscent of metal bands of the 80’s, provide an energetic and powerful sound of yesterday and today.

While other bands shun the flamboyant leather soaked music of Motley Crue, Poison, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ratt, Warrant, Skid Row….Dirty Erin embraces it and celebrates it with an added style of their own.

The members are all seasoned musicians, cutting their teeth on the club circuit in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. The guys, (Chuck Tillman on vocals and guitar, Fro on bass and vocals, Blane Boyer on guitars and vocals, and Zane Finton on drums). Playing in various, but separate bands, they finally united in 2009 to form Dirty Erin. From the first moment they strapped on the guitars, cranked up the amps, and began pounding the drums, the music has been raw, powerful, and full of attitude.

A Dirty Erin show will take you from the metal years of the 70’s, thru the screaming vocals, guitars, and melodic harmonies of the 80’s Arena Rock era, to the driving metal sounds of today’s biggest bands. Every night Dirty Erin will hit you with Motley Crue to Dokken, Seether or Cheap Trick, Cinderella and Tesla to Alice Cooper, Papa Roach to L A Guns, Candlebox to Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy to Def Leppard, Poison to Enuff Z Nuff, Black Label to Stone Temple Pilots and many, many more!!!

One listen, one show, is all it takes to know that the metal of yesterday is here today with all its attitude, sweat, and energy.  You will not be disappointed!!






1. When did you start playing music/what instrument:
I started playing guitar when I was in the 6th grade. The cheap acoustic guitar I had hurt my fingers. Should have put electric guitar strings on it as I did years later & it was much better. By 9th grade I started playing drums but wanted to be out front so I went back to guitar when I was 15.

2. What was your first band, how many bands have you been in and where was your first live show?
My first band was The Mystics when I lived in California. It was an all Beatles band and I played the drums.
I've been in a least 8 bands - several others that never got going. The 8 were The Mystics, Destiny, Metal Edge, RUKKUS, Lost City, Ground Level, FRAZZLED & Dirty Erin. My first live show was in Walnut Creek CA when The Mystics played a private backyard party.

3. Who is your favorite band now & who is your favorite live performer?
I don't really have one favorite band but some of my favorites are RUSH, Boston, Poison, Audioslave, Tonic, 3 days grace & Seether.
My favorite live performer is Eddie Van Halen. He makes playing guitar look so easy

4. What is your favorite lp of all time:
My favorite album of all time is the first Boston album.

5. What are your hobbies outside of music:
My only hobby outside of music is fixing computers.

6. Favorite song on the new Dirty Erin cd:
My favorite song on the new Dirty Erin CD is "I Couldn't Change Your Mind".

7. What are your favorite 5 bands of "all time":
1. It's difficult to list just 5 of my favorite bands as there are so many great bands but I have to say RUSH would have to be number one. They are 3 of the greatest musicians ever to all be in the same band. Each is a master of their instrument(s) and they have a unique sound and song writing talent.

2. My 2nd favorite band is Boston. They also are very talented musicians and their first 2 albums were some of the best music ever! I really liked their fantastic vocals and the way they worked in keyboards with a great guitar sound.

3. KISS has to be at least my 3rd favorite band. What a show these guys can put on! They were the first to take showmanship to a new level!

4. Def Leppard is my number four band. These guys really impressed me with their great vocals, dual guitars and great songs over the years!

5. Collective Soul might have to be number five. They have some great songs with a lot of variety to their sound.

8. Tell us something about the other three members of Dirty Erin:
The first time I met Chuck & Fro was when I tried out for a band they were putting together back in the 80's. The try out was in a storage unit and I didn't get the gig!

 I should have met Zane back in the 90's when his band Sweet 69 played the Double Duece in Ponca City. The same club my band at the time RUKKUS was also 
playing. I finally met and jammed with him years later when Fro contacted him to join Dirty Erin.

 A funny story about a Dirty Erin practice happened when no one brought any beer and we joked about having to cancel practice,,how could we practice without beer!!!
 We were rescued by my wife Dottie also a big band supporter, photographer, merch sales and promoter who answered our distress call and brought us some beer!




1. When did you start playing music/what instrument:
I started playing drums Somewhere around 15 or 16, I played cello and trumpet throughout elementary school. I showed a lot of interest in the drums so my mom bought me a Ludwig Acrolite snare drum at a garage sale. I beat the crap out of it for about 6 months all day every day. They got sick of hearing that one drum, and ended up buying me a kit!

2. What was your first band, how many bands have you been in and where was your first live show?
Probably the first official band was called, I think, "Tainted Angel" sometime around 1991.
Tainted Angel, Suite 69, cinematic blue, Brandon Clark & the Red Lights, 5 Day Bender, Unloading Yoko, Whiskey Tom, and Dirty Erin. My first paying gig was the Seven seas saloon in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, around 91 or 92. I think i probably made 25 or 30 bucks.

3. Who is your favorite band now and who is your favorite performer?
Hard to say, I listen to about everything!
Definitely KISS, no comparison!

4. What is your favorite lp of all time:
KISS Alive

5. What are your hobbies outside of music:
I love hunting, fishing and hanging out with the family

6. Favorite song on the new Dirty Erin cd:
Don't Ya Want To Be Me

7. What are your favorite 5 bands of "all time":
1. I would have to say KISS. I saw them in 1987 and again last year 2012. Great live Act and have had at least 25 songs I still can't get enough of.
2. Has to be Rush. I had the privilege of seeing them two nights in a row(OKC and Wichita) on the "Roll The Bones" tour. They are incredible!
3. Van Hagar(Halen). Love just about everything they have done since the Diamond Dave times, but really became a favorite with Sammy.
4. Aerosmith. 23 songs on "my" Aerosmith greatest hits. Gotta be a top 5!
5. Hard to pick number 5, Led Zeppelin probably, maybe Guns & Roses before Axl ruined it for me, also Motley Crue have had a major influence on how I play today. I don't know #5 is a tough one!

8. Tell us something about the other three members of Dirty Erin:
First of all, I want to start out by saying how refreshing it is to play with a group of guys who are so passionate about music. Not only that, but each one plays the part and lives in the moment of the music. From Fro's crazy antics on stage, to Blane's perfectly still hair-lol!  I never know what concert shirt Fro will come up with for the next show, from Judas Priest to Iron Maiden, it's always a surprise!

You never know what Chuck will be listening to as we ride to the next gig, but you can bet his radio station is set to Hair Nation! and no matter how big or small the venue, (and we've played some pretty small ones!) or it's in front of a crowd of 2 or 200 people, these guys always play their asses off and put on a rock show. The effort they put into sound check and preparation is unbelievable and it's all to put on the best show possible, no matter what. I am always impressed either after practice or after a gig and I feel lucky to be playing with such an awesome group of musicians. So no matter who you are, or what kind of music you like, if you come to a Dirty Erin show, I can guarantee you're going to get a show and come away feeling like you've rocked out to some of the best songs in history!



1. When did you start playing music/what instrument:
I started playing guitar when is was about 13 or 14. Guitar is really the only instrument I've ever played and rock/metal is the only type of music that has interested me.

2. What was your first band, how many bands have you been in, and when and where was your first live show?
A band in high school. I think we were called Rock Bottom. When I hear old recordings from that time, the name fits, hahaha!!! Not really. We had a lot of fun. Actually Fro and I played together in that band. We have played together a long time and have had a lot of fun. He played drums back then.
Dang, let me see if I can name them all. Rock Bottom, Starrborn, Foxx, Metal Edge, Fury, Rukkus, Rock 6X, Mother Kelly.....hmmm that's all I can think of. Oh yeah!!! and, Dirty Erin!! I may have forgotten one or two. Maybe Fro can recall the one's I've missed. I think it was the high school prom party. Instead of going the the prom we decided to have a keg party in an old barn loft. There were two bands, a high school friends band and the band Fro and I were in. I was a nervous wreck. Not only was I playing my first live show but it was in front of all my friends. It turned out to be a great time.

3. Who is your favorite band now and who is your favorite live performer?
LOL!!! Dirty Erin..
I can't give a single answer so I'll just name a few that come to mind: Alice Cooper (my first ever concert), Mark Farner (the man was all over the stage), Shinedown (great singer), Cheap Trick (Zander, one of the most under appreciated singers ever), hard to beat a Kiss show, Queen was awesome, Nuno Bettencorte (I could watch him play all day). There are more I can't think of them right now.

4. What is your favorite lp of all time:
Another difficult one to answer. Grand Funk Live Album (raw energy very rarely captured), Kiss' first Live album, Alice Cooper's Killer album, Van Halen's debut album. Judas Priest, Hellbent For Leather. The song “Delivering the Goods” is one of my all time favorites.

5. What are your hobbies outside of music:
Bow hunting, if it's bow season and I'm not playing, you will find me in the woods. Going to concerts. College Football.

6. Favorite song on the new Dirty Erin cd:
That's not a fair question. It's like asking someone to name one of their children as the favorite. They all have something special about them. If I did have to pick one it would probably be the song "Tell Me Sister". Probably one of my most complete compositions.

7. What are your favorite 5 bands of "all time":
Another tough question but I will try. There have been so many good Rock/Metal bands through the years.

These are listed in no specific order: Motely Crue, Alice Cooper, GFR, Aerosmith (early years), Cinderella/Skid Row (ahh….can’t decide right now). Ask me again tomorrow and they will probably change!

8. Tell us something about the other three members of Dirty Erin:

Blane is a little OCD. Not in a bad way, but in a funny and good way. He likes things in a specific order or way and if they are not, he panics a little. It's quite funny actually, but a great benefit to the band. Our overall stage set up and appearance is due to Blane taking the time to make sure everything is just right. Every light is pointed to a certain place, the banner is hung to a certain level and is at the perfect height. Blane takes care of the details which really benefits our stage appearance.

Zane is the person in the band that likes to have a good time. Well, we all like to have a "good time" but Zane REALLY likes to have a good time! His "good time" and "let's make this a party" attitude flows out to the rest of the band. He is full of energy and it keeps our performances fresh! Often before we take the stage Zane says "let's rock this f***ing place........and we usually do!

Fro is the metal head of the band. He has often said there is nothing better looking than a stage that is wall to wall Marshall stacks! His likes are Metallica, Pantera, BLS, Lamb of God, Anthrax and other bands I've never heard of. He likes music that is raw, powerful and tight and all of that translates over into the band. When you see D.E. live, we strive to have that same powerfull--tight sound. Fro keeps us playing with an edge.



1. When did you start playing music/what instrument:
At age 11 I started playing drums. Switched to bass in 2007 and my knees, wrists and feet thank me!

2. What was your first band, how many bands have you been in and where was your first live show?
Rock Bottom in 1974 was the first band we actually tried hard at--lol! I still have recordings of our practices back then and even a few live shows. I transferred them from 8 track to cassette and then later to cd. So hey, if you need a laugh! How many bands-- 
9 that actually played for cash,,or beer-- Rock Bottom, Straight Shooter, Starrborn, Foxx, Fury, Metal Edge, Rukkus, Rock6x, Dirty Erin. First show was in Arkansas City 1974. I don't remember the club, but a good friends band needed a drummer because he couldn't make it that night. I was 14 and scared shitless! We played 4 sets then went to Ponca City to some club and sat in on another bands stage and played two more songs. I think I made about $30 but it felt like a million to me.

3. Who is your favorite band now and who is your favorite performer?
Judas Priest,,, Iron Maiden,,, Pantera. Those are still my "old school" favorites. I do like a lot of the newer bands like Hinder, Seether, Green Day, love Social Distortion, Slash's band is killer,,,,I've always said "if it's good it's good",,,and that goes for rock, country, whatever. If it's a good song then it's a good song no matter the genre,,so don't be afraid to like what you like. I really love the heavier music but, Johnny Cash was awesome! My favorite performers are 
Steve Harris,,, and K.K.Downing. Showmanship and massive ability all rolled into one with those guys! Only about 8 girls on the planet know who they are but they sure can play! lol! In the 70's it was Don Brewer of GFR that guy still has the fastest hands in the business. I could watch dvd's of those guys for hours,,,,and do.

4. What is your favorite lp of all time:
Absolutely impossible to name just one but I wore the grooves off of Judas Priest--"Hell Bent For Leather," Aerosmith-- "Rocks" & "Toys In The Attic", Metallica-- "Master of Puppets," Montrose-- "Rock The Nation" lp, KISS "Alive",,,,Van Halen "1st lp"-- I still love Bob Seger "Live Bullet"-- Grand Funk "Caught In The Act",,,man I could go on and on.

5. What are your hobbies outside of music:
Well I'm pretty much sports or music 24/7/365. Huge college football nut/obsessed maybe lol! Thunder fan deluxe, and not surprisingly,, a huge music fan,,,,a fan of music. I can sit and watch country artists, rock, got a soft side for punk rock, you name it--cough cough (METAL) and I am either watching it or listening to it!! 

6. Favorite song on the new Dirty Erin cd:
A very selfish pick but "Without Me"--Heard it in my head as a country song (yeah, really),,,by the time I was done, it came out a melodic heavy rocker! The lyrics still kind of crack me up. "Don't Ya Wanna Be Me" may be the most fun to play live though,,,a total cruncher which is right up my alley!

7. What are your favorite 5 bands of "all time":
Oh damn!
1. Judas Priest pretty simple and a no doubter. Not one lp that I don't love,,,not one. I've even bought seconds on their albums just so I would always have a good one to play--seriously.
2. Iron Maiden,,,absolutely love Steve Harris and their first 7 lp's were as good as it can get. Without a doubt the best ran organization in rock n roll period. Best stages, best logo, best mascot, best tours, best dvd's,,,it goes on and on.
3. Grand Funk Railroad,,,not the best musicians although Donny Brewer is tops! But I have to give it up to the guys that molded me as a music fan and a musician. As a 15 year old small town boy learning the musical ropes GFR had a huge influence on me. Power chords, great songs, great vocals, energy on stage, I simply loved everything about them at a time I was learning what rock n roll really was.
4. Alice Cooper,,,best songwriter in the business. Just listen to his lyrics,,they are funny, serious, scary, off the wall, and then he even makes you think. Alice was Kiss before Kiss and took no prisoners while doing it. Love the man, his music, and what he stands for.
5. #5 is tough--I have a soft spot for Pantera because I met Dime in some clubs in Dallas way before Phil and any record deal and have always loved their music, but how can I leave out Aerosmith who I've seen like 12 times! or Metallica, Bob Seger, Anthrax, Starz, Van Halen, KISS, Black Sabbath, BLS, Damn it Zane this question is impossible to answer!!!!!

8. Tell us something about the other three members of Dirty Erin:

Blane is pure 100% rock n roller. I've been in 3 bands with him and I can tell you he is all rock n roll. You can look through our cd collections and there is no telling what you might find,  but all you will find in Blane's collection is rock & roll! He's a great songwriter, performer and tireless band mate. The guy is "all in" when it comes to music. We probably don't tell him enough how much we appreciate all he does, but believe me--we do. Blane's wife Dottie is also very important to the band. She keeps us in pizza, takes the photo's, video's, and is at every show. In fact I don't think she has ever missed one and if she has it's only one! Blane's house is party central in the summer for pool parties. Rock n roll and parties---someone should get those things together! Haha! 

Chuck and I go way back. Started playing music together in 1974. I know him like no one else does musically. I love it when he gets that twinkle in his eye because I know he just created something, recorded something, or has a great band idea. We don't always write together as we are a band that brings in ideas and nearly complete songs and then tweaks them, but during this last cd he and I did work on riffs and ideas together--we work like we've known each other forever,,,oh wait lol! Dirty Erin was his vision really. After 30 some years of beating our heads against a wall he just wanted a fun band. A relaxed, tight, heavy, fun band, and that's exactly what he got. Great songwriter, performer and great friend. Chuck is responsible for our sound live and in the studio. He just might have a career as a soundman if he chose lol!

Zane is my a drummer of 30+ years I know exactly what he feels like back there. Some of the fills he comes up with to this day turns my head. He has a great sense of timing and very quick hands. He often talks about being "in the pocket" and when Zane is in it, it is pretty special to listen to. No doubt Zaner is the one who keeps things light and fun. After sound check is done and the equipement is loaded and out of the way-- Blane will be tweaking a light or cord and Chuck is setting out setlist or putting the last minute touches on the sound, you will find me and Zane at the end of the bar watching sports relaxing before the only drummers can lol!